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Utility model patent An embedded cutter punch

viewing count: 2103release time: 2022-06-24

The patent number CN208825361U of Guangdong Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The utility model discloses an embedded cutter punch, which includes a punch and a punch fixing shaft, one end of the punch is provided with a threaded column, and the punch fixing shaft The front end is provided with a threaded groove, and the punch is connected with the threaded groove at the front end of the fixed shaft of the punch through a threaded column. The in-line cutter punch is provided with a sleeve at the front end of the punch fixing shaft, so that the connecting and fixing part of the punch can be covered by the sleeve, so that the chips generated during the processing will not fall on the connection of the punch. fixed place, and the punches are connected by screw connection, which makes the joints tighter, and the socket head is set to a hollow structure, so that the protective effect of the socket head is not affected, and the process of thread connection can be observed through the hollow place, so that The screw connection is more convenient, and the front end of the fixed shaft of the punch is also provided with a limit shaft, so that the punch will not be twisted and offset during the processing of the punch, and it can be more stable.
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