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Utility model patent A precision tool that is easy to assemble

viewing count: 2046release time: 2022-06-24

The patent number CN208825584U of Guangdong Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The utility model discloses a precision tool that is easy to assemble, comprising a spring chuck handle body, a tool body interspersed inside the spring chuck tool handle body, and one side of the suction cup is inserted. There is a fixed column, the fixed column is fixedly connected with the suction cup by welding, and the fixed column is located inside the right end of the connecting rod, and the connecting rod is located on the center line inside the main body of the elastic chuck handle, and the other side of the connecting rod is provided with a handle . The tool body of the easy-to-assemble precision tool is inserted into the groove inside the main body of the spring chuck tool handle. When the tool body is located inside the spring chuck handle body, the spring inside the tool body is pressed by the support rod, so that the tool body can be replaced and assembled inside the spring chuck tool body.
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