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Utility model patent An easy-to-use dispensing nozzle head fixture

viewing count: 2117release time: 2022-06-24

The patent number CN208867444U of Guangdong Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The utility model discloses an easy-to-use dispensing head fixture, which includes a feeding channel, an upper mold is arranged below the feeding channel, and a lower mold is arranged below the upper mold , a groove structure is provided inside the lower mold, and the upper mold is fixedly connected to the lower fixing seat through the groove structure of the lower mold, the lower fixing seat and the lower fixing block provided above it are a fixed integral structure, and the lower part is fixed An inner shaping block equal to its length and width is clamped above the block, and the inner shaping block is wrapped with a side connecting block, and the outer side of the side connecting block is provided with a lower mold with a hollow rectangular structure. The easy-to-use dispensing head fixture can prevent the inconvenience of use due to the unstable fixing of the upper and lower molds, so that after aligning the upper and lower molds during use, the solution can reach the inside of the mold through the feeding channel, thereby facilitating the dispensing head to quickly shape, while the device saves the user's time and effort.
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