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Utility model patent A dispensing nozzle head anti-offset needle

viewing count: 2222release time: 2022-06-24

The patent number CN208976167U of Guangdong Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The utility model discloses an anti-offset firing pin of a dispensing head, which includes a connecting piece. And the other side of the housing is provided with a fixing hole, and one end of the housing is connected with a feeding piece, the other end of the feeding piece is connected with a needle connector, and the other end of the needle connector is fixed with a needle, the connector One end is fixed with a spring nested on the outside of the striker fixing member fixed at the upper end of the piston piece, and the striker fixed at the end of the striker fixing piece near the piston piece passes through the first fixing block, the connecting pipe and the second fixing block, and the outside of the piston piece is A rubber ring is engaged in the opened annular groove, a perforation structure is opened inside the piston plate, and the first fixing block includes a fixing plate, a connecting block, a striker perforation and a positioning groove. The anti-offset firing pin of the dispensing head has a firm structure, which can effectively prevent the firing pin from loosening and deflecting during use, and improve the use effect of the firing pin.6377656576926165501160406.png
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