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With the continuous improvement of human requirements, the volume requirements for consumer electronics are getting smaller and smaller, the products are getting thinner and thinner, and the personalization is continuously improving, and the performance, quality and reliability of the products are also getting higher and higher; among them, dispensing The process plays a vital role in the stable communication between the various parts of the product. The application of the dispensing process has the functions of bonding, heat dissipation, sealing, waterproofing, shock absorption, reinforcement and so on.


We provide precision micro-hole dispensing nozzles and needle nozzles for micro-dispensing machines.

       Glue micropores 20µm-600µm

       High quality finishing on precise micro holes 

       Perfect round holes , hole cylindricity controlled

       Tolerance ±1μm

       Material: tungsten carbide, ceramic , stainless steel

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