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Dispensing valve tappet and nozzle insert

Dispensing valve tappet and nozzle insert

  • Nozzle Insert N11-70, Ø0.07mm 

    Nozzle Insert N11-100, Ø0.10mm 

    Nozzle Insert N11-120, Ø0.12mm 

    Nozzle Insert N11-150, Ø0.15mm

    Nozzle Insert N11-200, Ø0.20mm

    Nozzle Insert N14-300, Ø0.30mm

    Nozzle Insert N14-400, Ø0.40mm

    Tappet TTF4 Tungsten Carbide 0.4mm

    Tappet TTF5 Tungsten Carbide 0.5mm

    Tappet TTF6 Tungsten Carbide 0.6mm

    Tappet TTF7 Tungsten Carbide 0.7mm

    Tappet TTF10 Tungsten Carbide 1.0mm

    Tappet TTF15 Tungsten Carbide 1.5mm

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