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Utility Model Patent A Dispensing Nozzle Easy to Install

viewing count: 3035release time: 2022-04-14

Guangdong Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. has a patent number of CN208976109U. The utility model discloses a dispensing head nozzle that is easy to install, comprising a nozzle body. Support blocks are fixed on both sides of the upper end of the nozzle body, and the support blocks are of a cavity structure, and A spring is arranged inside the support block, one side of the spring is connected with the first clamping block, and the front and rear ends of the first clamping block are provided with a second clamping block, and the second clamping block is made of rubber, and the upper part of the nozzle body is A rubber storage cylinder joint is provided, an inner cylinder is fixed inside the rubber storage cylinder joint, a plurality of through holes are arranged on both sides of the rubber storage cylinder joint, and two sides of the inner cylinder are provided with notches. The easy-to-install dispensing head nozzle can insert the nozzle body into the interior of the inner cylinder, so that the first blocks on both sides of the nozzle body can be stuck on the rubber storage cylinder through the notch on the side of the inner cylinder and the through hole on the side of the rubber storage cylinder joint. The outer wall of the joint can ensure the quick installation of the nozzle body while avoiding the phenomenon that the nozzle body is easily dislocated and not tightly connected when the nozzle body is repeatedly disassembled.
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