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Semiconductor packaging technology, a microchip contains tens of billions of transistors, criss-crossed links and orderly work, whether it is Kirin 990 or Snapdragon 855, the combination is the score and speed, semiconductor assembly is a complex splicing process , it is necessary to control each section of the process well in order to obtain a good and stable product. Chip encapsulation, BGA chip underfill, solder joint encapsulation, wire reinforcement, die bond, component fixation and other dispensing operations play a key role in the stable work of semiconductors.

       As the needs of the small chip dispensing process, we provide replacement precision micro-hole dispensing nozzles and needle nozzles for micro-dispensing machines.

       Glue micropores 20µm-600µm

       High quality finishing on precise micro holes 
       Perfect round holes , hole cylindricity controlled

       Tolerance ±1μm

       Material: tungsten carbide, ceramic , stainless steel

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